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Do You Have Access Control Systems? If Not, You Should.

Using access control in your business or building can be a simple way to enhance your security while at the same time managing the flow of people through your site. The best reason though, if you are a property owner, manager or facility manager is because it makes your life easier while saving you money.

Here are 7 important reasons why you need access control systems at your property. are occupied, it can work with the building management system to turn oof unnec

  1. Protect Your People: Access control systems allow you to provide a safe environment which your “people” will appreciate and bring them peace of mind. If integrated with other security platforms such as security systems, video surveillance, and other security measures it will provide a “layered” security approach that will enhance security, but also reduce costs due to theft and vandalism.
  2. Restrict Access and Reduce Theft: According to “the Association of Fraud Examiners” internal theft accounts for up to 5% of annual revenues for businesses. For H.O.A.’s and multi-family buildings the vast amount of damage and theft is due to their own residents. Access control allow you to control who has access to certain areas and at what times that you determine.
  3. Audit Trails: With the added security and peace of mind that access control provides, it also provides a log of events. Whenever someone uses their card for access, it logs who it is and what time they used it. This enables management to manage time and attendance of employees, and for property managers keep their tenants accountable and provides a record to review in case of any incident that may take place.
  4. Eliminate Key Problems: NO MORE KEYS! You can use cards, fobs, smart phones and even finger prints and other means as means for access. Your facility will be safe from unwanted intruders, leavving you with no need to worry about lost keys and whose hands they may have landed in, and of course the cost and hassle of re-keying.
  5. Customized Schedules:  Access control systems allow you to minimize your risk by never granting more access than is absolutely required for each user and at any given time. Want to give access to an area, but only between the hours of 9 am & 5 pm? You may have a cleaning crew or vendors that require short term access or certain hours in the evening, or perhaps someone needs 24 hour access. Access control can do all this, and make it easy to do.
  6. Remote Access: The most convenient feature of access control is the ability to allow access to individuals when you are not thereto do so yourself. No matter where you are located, access control systems can provide access to areas remotely, and you will always know who is coming and going.
  7. Reduce Energy Bills: Another cost saving feature is the ability to integrate your access control system into the building management system. Since the access control system knows what areas of the building are occupied, it can work with the building management system to turn off unnecessary lighting and HVAC systems in unoccupied areas.


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