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Having a business security system installed is a smart way to protect you, your employees, your assets and your clients. And though you rely on it for safety, it is probably not something that you think about daily. It is easy to become somewhat complacent about your security system.

How often do you check your system to ensure it is working properly? If you are relying on it for protection but fail to maintain it regularly, it could malfunction without you knowing it. And this could leave you in a vulnerable position, as businesses without working security systems are easier to burglarize than those with functioning systems. It does not take very long to do a quick check of your business security system components, but it could mean the difference between being the victim of crime or not.

Start with your cameras and do a quick test to make sure the video feed is working and the images are clear. If you use remote monitoring, ensure that you are able to log in with your devices and view all cameras and angles.

Next, check your motion detectors. A power outage or power surge can damage motion detectors. Testing these is easy: simply create motion in front of them to make sure the system registers the activity.

Your alarm system may not be functioning correctly. If someone has recently played around with your system, the settings may be off. Or perhaps the entire system was unplugged due to contractor work in your office. Check the system to ensure the settings are correct, power is getting to your system and that it is functioning as expected.

Finally, your security lights need attention. If you primarily work during the day, you may not ever be around in the evening to ensure they are coming on at dusk or to ensure that all the bulbs are working. It is a good idea to stay late occasionally to make sure all your security lights are in good working order.

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