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Commercial Security

7 Reasons to Consider Access Control

Do You Have Access Control Systems? If Not, You Should. Using access control in your business or building can be a simple way to enhance your security while at the same time managing the flow of people through your site. The best reason though, if you are a property owner, manager or facility manager is…

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Does Media Coverage of Mass Shootings Promote Copycats?

Its no surprise that mass shootings are on the rise and dominate the news headlines. This type of situation has become so common it’s almost jarring. Concerts, churches, schools, nothing seems safe anymore. We barley have time to recover from one tragedy when another is thrust upon us in the national news.  Is there any…

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Business Security Mistakes To Avoid

Having a business security system installed is a smart way to protect you, your employees, your assets and your clients. And though you rely on it for safety, it is probably not something that you think about daily. It is easy to become somewhat complacent about your security system.

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