Today's access control system solutions are more than simply locking and unlocking doors.

BEST Access Control Systems for commercial security system solutions regulate the movement of people into and within your building to protect your employees, property and company information. You avoid key replacement problems and have the ability to deactivate a card key for an employee at any time, from any device.

This cost-effective means of preventing unauthorized entry also provides a permanent record of anyone on your premises without troubling your employees or disrupting your business.

Key Features

  • Track, record, and detect access throughout your organization.
  • Provide auditing and employee time and attendance features.
  • Restrict access to sensitive areas.
  • Provide a safer working environment and customer or client environment.
  • Avoid expensive rekeying when an employee leaves.
  • Remotely administer and control access to multiple locations through one efficient interface saving time and money.


Facilities Manager
Horizon Christian Fellowship

“We have a rather large church campus that requires a large and rather complex set of systems for our fire, security, and video surveillance needs. We are constantly changing things that require a company to respond when needed and we have found that with Best Security Products. Their prompt service and attention to detail has always been outstanding and feel we have someone who cares and we trust who will be there when we need them.“

Facilities Director
Palomar YMCA

“They have been our security and fire alarm provider for years and not only do we receive outstanding service but also great prices and tremendous value. If you are considering someone for your fire or security needs you will not be disappointed with Best Security Products.“


Facilities Manager
Horizon Prep

“When we built our school we knew from our experience with Best Security Products at our church campus that we wanted them to take care of our fire, security, and video surveillance needs at our school. Our school is spread out over several acres with multiple buildings and required sophisticated systems, but that were tough enough to perform under the rigorous use that a school can experience. As with our church campus we receive outstanding prompt service and would recommend them to anyone who needs there products or services.“


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