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Burglars rob someone every 15 seconds. Ex-burglar Chris Patterson takes you inside the mind of a burglar and teaches you what you can do to protect yourself in this video segment from ABC’s 20/20.

It’s a crash course in how to rob a house, and how to protect your home.

Currently on parole after being convicted four times, Chris has abandoned his past life of crime and is instead trying to help others make their homes less attractive to burglars. He takes us on a journey of choosing a home and breaking in, all while letting us in on his secrets.

“People make it so easy for burglars to victimize them,” says Chris. So here are a few tips we’ve collected from the video:

  • Tip #1: “A security system is worth it, especially if it has cameras.”
  • Tip #2: “Beware of Dog signs? Not going near it!” Chris admits. All you need is the sign. You don’t eve have to have the dog!
  • Tip #3: An obstructed house so no one can see what is going on is a burglar’s dream. Privacy makes his job so much easier! “Now I can do my job without anybody seeing me,” says Chris.
  • Tip:#4: “Don’t blab on your Facebook page that you’re leaving for vacation.” According to Chris, checking social media for vacation plans is “one of the hottest trends out there. They’ve already said they’re going to be gone; you just have to set a time when you want to go over and pick it up.”
  • Tip #5: Watch out for window air conditioning units. Even if they are bolted in, they can easily be pushed in through the window.
  • Tip #6: Don’t leave home repair items out where burglars can use them – especially ladders! “You might as well roll out a welcome mat!” says ABC’s Deborah Roberts
  • Tip #7: Regardless of income bracket, age or race, nearly everyone puts things in the same place in their homes. So the master bedroom = jewelry. Hide your jewelry in an old shoe box and store it in an unsuspecting location – such as your children’s room. Chris admits that searching a kids’ room isn’t likely worth his effort when burglarizing a home.

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