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Why are Glass Break detectors the first line of defense against and intruder? Find out through a visit to Honeywell’s world class laboratory.

Glass break detectors help keep the bad guys on the outside of the home or business and offer a higher level of security. The sensors actually hear the sound of breaking glass, triggering the alarm system which scares the intruder away.

No false alarms either! The detector knows whether the sound of breaking glass is from the outside (when an intruder is attempting to enter your home) or from the inside (such as when you drop a glass on the floor). The detectors can also distinguish between the sound of breaking glass and the slamming of a door or other loud noise. The detector ignores sounds from the house that are non-threatening.

Meticulous testing in the Honeywell laboratories ensures that the glass break detectors work as expected when protecting you and your loved ones. Plate glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, wired glass are tested with these detectors to make sure they perform to high standards in every residential and commercial situation.

Click the video to learn more about Honeywell’s Glass Break Detectors:

Features of Honeywell Glass Break Detectors:

  • Only Listens for Sounds Coming from the Glass
    The detector listens only for the sound of breaking glass arriving from the protected area, and ignores sounds arriving from elsewhere in the room.
  • Superior False Alarm Immunity
    Distinguishes false alarms from breaking glass.
  • Field Proven Glassbreak Protection
    As the world’s most popular glassbreak detectors, Honeywell products are field proven around the globe to accurately detect breaking glass.
  • Ceiling Mount Detector
    Mounts on the ceiling with a maximum range of 25′ (7.6 m) to the glass.
  • Easily Verify Detector Operation at Any Time
    A simple clap of the hands will blink the green LED verifying the detector is awake and processing incoming sounds. If the continuous self-test discovers a detector failure, both the red and green LEDs will flash.

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