Complete system packages

Best Security Products uses high-quality Honeywell components to build the best state–of–the–art security systems available. Every piece of your system was designed to work together, so you get unrelenting and error-free service, always.

Color, touch enabled keypads

Keypads are an important part of your home security. They allow you to arm and disarm your system with a secured code. They can be placed wherever you need them most and are so easy to use even your child can operate them.

Convenient wireless remotes

Remotely arm and disarm your security system, control lighting, garage doors and more via a simple keyfob that fits right on your car keyring.

Smoke / carbon monoxide detectors

When smoke or high levels of carbon monoxide gas is detected, these devices are designed to keep your family safe from danger.

Glassbreak sensors

By providing shatter and shock protection for your windows, glassbreak sensors create an early defense against forced entry into your home.

Pet friendly motion detectors

These pet–friendly devices quietly monitor your home against intruder movement while allowing your animals to roam freely around your house.

Home automation systems

Our systems allow you to control your security system, lights, locks, thermostats, garage doors and more - directly from your PC or smart phone.


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